City Hall

Wrightsville City Hall

Wrightsville's City Hall is located just off the Highway 365 South as you enter into the City of Wrightsville.  The complex where City Hall resides contains not only the City Hall office, but the Wrightsville Civic Center, Senator Bill Walker Jr. Gymnasium and Daycare, as well as the Millie Brooks Branch of the Central Arkansas Library system.

Wrightsville City Hall employs a number of personnel to assist the elected officials and city residents run it's various departments.  The city departments consist of a public works department, a district court, a clerk’s office, and a gymnasium.  To maintain these departments and provide these services, the city employs over 12 full time and part time employees.  It is the goal of City Hall to provide the best service possible to its citizens and to run the affairs of the city with honesty, fairness, and respect. 


Sen. Bill Walker Jr. Gymnasium was dedicated in 2002, and consist of a basketball court, aerobic workout area, and day care area.  The gym is managed and directed by city staff and is a place for everyone in the community to experience activities to help them stay fit and healthy.  The gym has open basketball and organized basketball, as well as exercise classes for all ages.


The Millie Brooks Library opened June 1, 2013, as a partnership with the City of Wrightsville and CALS. The 2,000 square foot branch has a focused collection of books, DVDs and magazines, internet access and a small meeting space. The branch serves as the nearest library for the residents of southeastern Pulaski County. For more information on the hours of the library please click on the link