McKinzie Riley - Mayor

After 37 1/2 years of employment with the US Federal Government, McKinzie Riley retired and became the 3rd Mayor of the City of Wrightsville. His tenure officially began in October of 2009 when he won the popular vote and took office. He recently won re-election in October of 2014 for another 4 year term and begins his second term as Mayor of the city.  He graduated from Dermott High school in 1972 and went on to join the United States Air Force where he served from January 1974 to August 1978, afterwards becoming a member of the USAF reserves unit for 15 years finally retiring in January 1995.  During that time he found time to graduate from UALR in 1981 with a BA in criminal justice,  and also attended grad school at Webster University from 1982-83.  

Mayor Riley has been married to his lovely wife Demeter since January 1985 and they have one daughter, one son,  four grandchildren, and one great grandchild. He is an active member of Beebe Chapel CME Church and serves as chairman of the steward board, youth Sunday school teacher, member of the adult choir. 


Council Member - Ward 1

Bobby Hall - Aldermen/Council Member - Ward 1 position 1

Re-appointed in January 2014 to the position of Aldermen, Aldermen Hall took over for Ronald Poe.  He won re-election in October of 2014 for his second stint as Aldermen for the City of Wrightsville.  When asked what is the best part of being an officer for the City of Wrightsville, his response is:

"Doing something for the city that I love is always a worthwhile thing.  It's my way of giving back......."



Linda Fulton - Aldermen/Council Member - Ward 1 position 2

Is a native of Little Rock and moved to the City of Wrightsville in 1977.  She has been married for 43 years,and is a proud mother of 4 adult children, and grandmother of 12. She has worked as a Pharmacy Technician for Kroger Pharmacy for 28 years. Aldermen Fulton has been on the Wrightsville City Council since 2013 and when asked what is the best part of being an officer for the City of Wrightsville, her response is:

"I find it a very rewarding experience, and hope to help our citizens in anyway I can"


Council Member - Ward 2

Tena Brooks - Aldermen/Council Member - Ward 2 position 1

Aldermen Brooks is the daughter of Mille Brooks (Central Arkansas Library in Wrightsville).  She was recently re-elected for a 3rd term as aldermen.  She is a Quality Assurance Coordinator for Hospice Home Care and proud mother of one.  When asked about the impact she wanted to make as a aldermen with the city, her response is:

"I would like to see growth in our community for future generations.  Our children are in need for more activities and educational resources and my goal is to use this position to affect those types of change"



Allan Loring - Aldermen/Council Member - Ward 2 position 2

Has been a resident of Wrightsville for over 63 years, and is the proud husband of Gussie(44 years), father of 2 grown children, grandfather of 4 and great grandfather of 1.  He is retired from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department after 28 1/2 years of service. He is a member of First Baptist Higgins Church, and has been a member of the Wrightsville City Council since 1984 serving as Aldermen.  When asked what is the best part of being a officer for the City, his response is:

"As a lifelong resident of Wrightsville, it is an honor and a privilege to serve a community that I love so much"


Council Member - Ward 3

Walter Daugherty - Aldermen/Council Member - Ward 3 positon1

Aldermen Daugherty is a retired City of Little Rock employee of 35 years.  He is the father of 4, grandfather of 5, and is the pastor of Gospel Temple Baptist Church.  He is the newest elected Aldermen for the city, winning this past October's election by majority vote.  When asked what concerns him about the challenge of being a Aldermen and Council member of the City of Wrightsville his response is:

"Whatever challenges we face, we will work thru them.  The city is a great place.... filled with great people, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with all of them"



  Ivan Roseby - Aldermen/Council Member - Ward 3 position2

Aldermen Roseby is newly appointed and taking the place of retired aldermen Erma Coleman.  Aldermen Roseby is looking forward to working with the city and it's various departments to make Wrightsville the best it can possibly be. 

When asked what is the best part of being a officer for the City, his response is:

"Working for and with the people of your community gives you a real sense of accomplishment and pride.  Coming together for the betterment of our community is a honor and a gift that I will always treasure: