Wrightsville City Hall Staff


Wrightsville City Hall Staff


Helen Skipper - District Court/Administrative Sec

Mrs. Skipper's responsibilities include administrative duties for the District Court as well as assisting the Mayor with his day to day operations for city activities.  Mrs. Skipper has been married for over 45 years, and is the proud mother of 1 adult child, 3 grand children and 1 great grandchild. When asked the best thing about working for the city, she responds. 

"I love working with the staff and the City of Wrightsville is a great place...."

Phone: 501-897-4547


Valarie Foster - Assistant Administrative Sec.

Mrs. Foster duties and responsibilities consist of assisting the mayor with his day to day operations for city activities, preparing official city correspondence, and assisting the district court in their activities.  Mrs. Foster is the proud mother of 3 and a talented musician, and accomplished singer.  When asked the best thing about working for the city, she responds:

"I get to be involved in my community that I was raised in.  That is my way of giving back....."

 Phone: 501-897-4547

Dennis Hansberry - Dir. of Public Works

Dennis Hansberry - Dir. of Public Works  

Mr. Hansberry was appointed by the Mayor to be the director of Public Works for the City of Wrightsville.  He has a staff of 5 to assist him in the duties of collections, recycling, upkeep of city parks, and road and sewer maintenance.  He has been with the city for 5 years and when asked the best thing about working for the city, he responds:

"I enjoy protecting the environment, and working for a community that I was raised in....."

 Phone: 501-897-4547


Sheila Garling - Recorder/Treasurer

 Ms. Garling has been the Recorder/Treasurer for the City of Wrightsville since she took over for Pat Ward in 2011. She is an elected official who won the position of Treasurer in the most recent election in October.  She is the mother of 3 grown children and enjoys serving her community and watching the city grow.  When asked what is the best part of being an officer for the City of Wrightsville, her response is:

"I enjoy being able to serve my community....  Wrightsville is a place that I love and was raised in and it's an honor to serve its people"

Mabeline Hansberry - City Recorder

 Mabeline Hansberry assumed to position of Wrightsville City Recorder in 2017.  Mrs. Hansberry is married to the Rev. Michael Hansberry and the mother of four adult children and grandmother of four grand children.  When asked what is a desired achievement you want to accomplish during your tenure as an elected official for the city, her response is:

"Wrightsville is my home and there is a need for more citizens to get involved in the growth of the city.  I hope that more citizens will see the potential of our city and become involved in its growth......." 


Abel Woodruff - City Code Enforcement/Compliance Officer

Mr. Woodruff accepted the position to become the city's Code Enforcement/Compliance Officer in late 2018. He looks forward to serving the city in this capacity and to building strong relationships with the residents. His goal is to work with the administration to develop, maintain, and enforce the laws pertaining to making this city a beautiful place.


Felix Eason - Dir. of Gymnasium

Coach Felix Eason has coached youth sports for many years and has numerous ties to the community.  Part of his responsibilities in running the Gymnasium is monitor the recreational activities and programs that are held in the gym.  The gym's basketball court has open time as well as league organized activities.  It is also used to hold various exercise classes for citizens of all ages in the community.